Cassell Dedicates US$250,000 Bridges

The Political Leader of the newly established People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

The Political Leader of the newly established People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has called on religious leaders to continuously hold hands together and pray for a spiritual and God-fearing leader to excel to the Liberian presidency for the betterment of the country and its citizens.

Dr. Cassell observed that Liberia, as a nation that is endowed with bountiful of natural resources, continues to linger behind other countries in the West African sub-region and the world at large in terms of infrastructural, economic growth and economic development, and the provision of basic social and health services to citizens.

According to him, the nation presently needs a spiritual leader to ascend to the highest office to ensure that Liberia is to be on the right trajectory for the benefit of all its citizens.

He made the comments at a program marking the dedication of three bridges in Larkayta district in Margibi County.

“This nation needs a spiritual deliverance and therefore, we need we need a spiritual leader in this country”.

Dr. Cassell urged Pastors and Imams from the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) and the National Muslim Council of Liberia (NMCL) to “join hands in praying so God can ascend to the throne of this nation a spiritual leader who will know what it means to relate to another human being, help another human being, or what it means when somebody is suffering and you need to come to their aid”.

At the same time, the PLP Political Leader has vowed to fight for the redemption of Liberians, particularly those who have been marginalized from the equitable distribution of the country’s wealth and resources, destitute, abandoned and neglected Liberian citizens.

He observed that for too long in Liberia, citizens have been marginalized and looked down upon by greedy and selfish politicians or government officials because of their current statuses in the Liberian society.

Dr. Cassell emphasized that Liberians and others who killed their fellow humans to obtain public offices normally “die like dogs” and end their lives “miserably”.

“I know what you people going through; and so, I am here to fight for you people. God has sent me for us to work together. I am not a politician; I have not been in politics before; I have not worked for government before. My hands are clean and I never fear any human being. I never went to the dark world before to get my money. People who go to the dark world for cannot do anything good with it because, the devil does not have a free gift. I believe in the Most High and it is who I trust”.

“Look around-those who killed people for government positions-how do they end up? They end up miserably; they died like dogs. They have wasted so many blood on this land. That’s why this land needs to be cleansed. The lives or the blood of the innocent that have been shed on this soil throughout the nation is weeping. We need redemption”.

 “God brought us here today for a reason. There are plenty places around here that I could have chosen to carry development. I couldn’t have chosen my ma (mother) and pa (father) county Lofa; or where my wife coming from-Grand Cape Mount County”.

Dr. Cassell attributed his return to Liberia more than six years ago, to God’s persistent call for him to return home to help his people, especially the less fortunate, disenfranchised, neglected and abandoned Liberian citizens.

“But the good thing about it, I don’t make my own decisions. God is the one who can make it for me. So, wherever God sent me, that’s the place I can go. I can’t tell you why God sent me here, but God knows what he sent me for. And when he gave me instructions-obedience is better than sacrifice- and I can just obey. When I obeyed, God can do good, good things through me. He can make other people happy”.

He added that though he was troubled by the revelation to return home and help redeem his people in the midst of a decent lifestyle in the Diaspora, he finally decided to succumb to come back to Liberia to make impactful contributions in the lives of citizens.

He stated that though his multiple humanitarian gestures to thousands of Liberians have been misconstrued by his critics and others, he does not in any way feel perturbed to continue what he started some six years ago.

“If our country was alright today, God was not going to send me. But because there is a problem in the country, God wants the poor people, the marginalized people, the people who cannot fight or talk for themselves; for somebody to come and talk for them and to fight for them”.

Dr. Cassell emphasized that though he continues to be called names by detractors who have ulterior motive to discourage him from extending helping hands to his fellow compatriots; he will not relent or hesitate to continuously provide aid to the needy because his compassion to humanity supersedes everything. 

He disclosed that his decision taken to continuously extend manifold contributions to the poor, less fortunate, widows, visually impaired, physically challenged, and homeless, among others, is part of his “biblical responsibilities”, noting that, “I am not doing it to impress anyone”.

Commenting on the project, Dr. Cassell pointed out that the completion and subsequent dedication of the two bridges constructed in the area was in fulfillment of a prophesy that God was going to send a messenger to ensure speedy and rapid development in the area.

He added that though he had no communication with local authorities or community dwellers in the township, the dedication of the bridges simplifies the way “God has in orchestrating or making things happened”.  

“It is a clear indication that today is a historic day and therefore you wanted to be a part of history. The Larkayta happens to be a proud recipient of one of our blessings. This is one of the many challenges that our country is facing”.

“There are many people who want to help themselves. All that they need is the support. Like the farmers-they are trying to help themselves by growing crops to take to the markets to sell and feed their families. But the challenge of road connectivity, poses a major constraint to them. But we are very happy that the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation was able to complete these bridges”.

Dr. Cassell, however, vowed to continue to address the challenges confronting citizens in various communities across the country, with no expectation of getting anything back from them.

“As we move in different communities and counties; as we see problems; as God makes it possible for us to solve, we will solve. I am not giving back because, people who gave back is because something has been given to them. Liberia has given me nothing; the voters have given me nothing but, I sympathize with them. I see their problems and I solve those problems not because I want something from you, but because I care”.

“I do what I do not because I have it. I love the Liberian people; I want to see change in this country; I want to see improvement in their lives; that’s why I do the things that I do”.

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