Traditional Chief Descends on Opposition Politicians.

Chief Zanzan Kawor

Chief Zanzan Karwor’s return from an ECOWAS meeting in Ghana saw him scathingly accusing opposition forces of undermining Liberia’s development, disclosing plans for legislations that will prevent them from chaos.
The leader of the National Traditional Council of Liberia did not dwell on the outcome of his ECOWAS meeting in Ghana when he convened a news conference in Monrovia on Thursday. The Chief attack the opposition and leaned on the side of the government. The timing of Chief Kawor’s return from Ghana almost coincided with President Weah’s return to Monrovia from his nationwide tour.

“The problem in Liberia is not the youth. Liberian politicians are our problem. They are the ones making development to not come here. When they want jobs – and they do not get them and their friends get the jobs – instead of them helping to lift their friends with development, they can’t do it. They start to create the problem.”
“When elections finished, they grabbed few youths, gave them something and they get on the streets to intimidate and harass the Liberian government. We are tired and we will not allow anybody to hurt us in this country”.

According to him, opposition politicians were responsible for the escalating wave of hardship in the country, coupled with the lack of investment and job opportunities. This is because, he said, the opposition politicians often use young people to rise up against the government and cause instability.
This undermines development gains being made by the George Weah-led government, he said. Opposition politicians, in his view, should rally around the national government and move the country forward.
They normally used young people to engage in protests or violent activities to scare away or discourage potential investors from investing in the country, Karwor stated.

He said traditional leaders would very soon draft a petition asking for legislation that would prevent opposition politicians from the presidency and orchestrating instability if they fail to win elections.

“When the politicians in Liberia are not using our children or causing trouble, jobs will be available; more people will come in Liberia to invest in agriculture; they will come with plenty money and everything.”

“We are the Council – and we say fighting one another can make Liberia to go nowhere. Liberia is behind. When someone is fighting you, you will not make your mark on development; but when no fighting is there, you will make your mark”.

He emphasized the importance of Liberians to respect their elected leaders and those appointed for the sake of peace and tranquility, pleading with Liberian opposition politicians to rally around President Weah to move the country forward. “The opposition must wait for their time,” he said.

“When it (NEC) says John Brown wins, I advise all political parties to close their mouths and start helping the people in the country and when the time comes for election, then you can pick up.” Meanwhile, an opposition source in the Unity Party, contacted for comments, laughed at what he termed the traditional chief’s “gibberish” saying they were meeting to discuss him.

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