At least Three Dead and 20 Injured in Post-Election Attack in Monrovia.


Monrovia, Liberia – November 20, 2023

In a heart-wrenching turn of events just hours after the official announcement of the presidential election results, Monrovia witnessed a devastating incident that left at least three people dead and 20 others injured. The incident occurred in the midst of jubilant celebrations outside the headquarters of the Unity Party (UP) in Monrovia.

In a press statement issued on Monday night, the Unity Party described the incident as a “domestic terrorist attack resulting in the loss of life of several valued supporters.”

Eyewitnesses recount the horrifying incident, which took place at approximately 11:30 pm. A vehicle, driven by a man in his 30s identified as Lawrence K. Williams, plowed into the crowd of UP partisans who were celebrating their victory in the November 14th Presidential and legislative elections. The driver, after causing the tragic incident, reportedly fled the scene on a waiting motorcycle.

The vehicle, used in the incident was set ablaze by an enraged crowd, reflecting the shock and anger in the aftermath of the tragedy. UP party officials, including former Party chairperson Amin Modad, visited the scene to speak with survivors and assess the situation.

Former Senator of Maryland County, Hon. John Ballout, expressed condolences in a video circulating on social media, stating they are ready to support the hospital and the victims’ families. He further emphasized their commitment to assisting those affected by the tragic events.

Eyewitness Manna Passewe described the horrific scene, noting that the driver deliberately slowed down, turned off the lights, and then plowed into the celebrating crowd. Passewe reported witnessing more than 10 individuals lying on the ground, with some succumbing to their injuries on the spot.

The injuries sustained by the victims vary, ranging from fractured limbs, minor cuts and bruises, broken ribs, to head trauma. The survivors have been rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital in Monrovia, where UP party officials and health professionals coordinate efforts to provide necessary medical care.

As the investigation unfolds, the suspect, Lawrence K. Williams, and alleged accomplices are reported to be in the custody of the Liberia National Police. Authorities are working diligently to determine the motives behind the tragic incident and ensure that justice is served.

This unfortunate event has cast a shadow over what should have been a moment of celebration for the newly declared winners of the presidential elections. The Party has called on authorities to conduct a “thorough and transparent investigation” to determine the motive behind the attack and hold the perpetrators accountable.

The nation mourns the loss of lives and extends its collective sympathies to the families affected by this unforeseen and tragic turn of events.

Vice President-elect, Joseph N. Boakai has ordered the cancellation of all celebratory gatherings by the Party and supporters until further notice.

Atlantic Champions News will continue to follow this developing story and provide updates on the investigation and the condition of the injured.

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