Writing for ACN

Know something we don’t?

Even the Atlantic Champion News best investigative reporters don’t know everything. We are always looking for story ideas, pitches, and news reports from Freelance reporters across the continent.

But remember, we don’t only report on crooked politicians or business moguls with their fingers in the till. The Atlantic Champion News reports daily breaking news in Liberia and from the African diaspora. We do run the gamut from hard-news stories to business, sport, arts, and leisure.

Writing for Atlantic Champion News

PLEASE DON’T ask to write for us. Rather send a 100-word (at most) outline of a proposed article, a 10-line (or shorter) summary of your experience, and an example of your previous work (preferably, an internet link to the publication in which it appears). Please bear in mind that if we do accept work from you, you will be paid in USD or Liberia dollars at a standard rate determined by ACN.

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